International Journal of Medical Robotic Intelligence (MRI)

The International Journal on Robotic Computing is inviting high quality research papers addressing the synergies between Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Medical Robotics in all applications:

  • Robot-assisted surgery

  • Rehabilitation Robotics

  • Assistive Robotics

  • Robot-assigned guided interventions

  • Robot-Physician interactions

  • Big data analytics, knowledge discovery, and deep learning

  • Medical ontologies and terminologies 

  • Knowledge-based reasoning  

  • Natural language processing 

  • Bayesian networks, fuzzy logic, and reasoning under uncertainty 

  • Medical imaging and signal processing

  • Visual analytics in medicine

  • Clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) 

Editor in Chief

Daniela D'Auria, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy