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IJRC Volume 3, Issue 1  (May 2021)

This special issue brings together six selected papers presented at the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing (IRC 2020, November 9-11, 2020, virtual). The selected papers underwent a rigorous refereeing and revision process. In particular, the papers were extended with at least 30% new and unpublished materials.


Packing Planning and Execution Considering Arrangement Rules

Akiya Yasuda, Gustavo Alfonso Garcia Ricardez, Jun Takamatsu, and Tsukasa Ogasawara


Rosy: An Elegant Language to Reach the Pure Reactive Nature of Robot Programming

Hugo Pacheco and Nuno Macedo

Reactive Navigation Framework for Mobile Robots by Heuristically Evaluated Pre-sampled Trajectories

Neset Ünver Akmandor and Taskın Padır

DQN as an Alternative to Market-based Approaches for Multi-Robot Processing Task Allocation (MRpTA)

Paul Gautier, Johann Laurent, and Jean-Philippe Diguet

Recurrent Neural Networks for Hierarchically Mapping Human-Robot Poses

Zainab Al-Qurashi and Brian D. Ziebart

A Quadratic Programming Approach to Manipulation in Real-Time Using Modular Robots

Chao Liu and Mark Yim

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