IJRC Volume 2, Issue 1  (April 2020)

Bootstrapping MDE Development from ROS Manual Code
Nadia Hammoudeh Garcia, Mathias Lüdtke, Sitar Kortik, Björn Kahl, and Mirko Bordignon


Towards Autonomous Estimation of Lightweight Object's Mass by a Humanoid Robot during a Precision Grip with Soft Tactile Sensors
André Silva, Maria Brites, Tiago Paulino, and Plinio Moreno

Crop and Weed Classification Using Pixel-wise Segmentation on Ground and Aerial Images
Mulham Fawakherji, Ali Youssef, Domenico D. Bloisi, Alberto Pretto, and Daniele Nardi

LEO: Liquid Exploration Online
Frank Hoeller, Francisco Garcia Rosas, Devvrat Arya, and Dirk Schulz